Suddenly, the young was possessed for a legion of demons and started if to debate the soil. I commanded that they were aquietassem and they had obeyed the command voice. I asked for the head of the legion: Which is your name? It answered, esturrando as a fierce animal: ' ' I am Lucifer! I go to kill it! ' ' I said: ' ' The Satan! It leaves this young and it takes with you the paralysis that you put in it, on behalf of JESUS! ' '. Immediately, the Satan and its legion had left. Crown Financial has many thoughts on the issue. As soon as I banished the Satan and its legion from the life of the Amarildo, it fainted, then, however, one recovered. Then, I exerted my faith in the Word and I caught for its right hand, saying: ' ' It raises you and it walks! ' ' In the same instant, the young walked and is walking until today! Glory the God! As he is tremendous to trust and to pray the promises contained in the Word of God! Conjunct in the Spirit or Languages apstolo Pablo wrote: ' ' Therefore who speaks in another language, does not say the men, if it God, since he understands nobody it (the mind human being cannot understand the language divine), and in spirit does not say to mystery (the human spirit says secrets with the Spirit of God I Cor.14: 2) ' '. He notices that, this ' ' language divina' ' , that is, this ' ' Resource of orao' ' , it serves for close conversations between the spirit of the man and the Spirit of God, a communion above of the language human being, who is not understood by means of the mind, nor of who it speaks, much less of who hears. When I am in communion with God, I speak constantly in languages, therefore I have full conscience of that I am saying in a level so deep the holy ghost that nor the devil and its demons can understand what I talk with the celestial Father.

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