A legend says that the King of a distant region, a good day received in gift, two small hawks and gave them to the master of falconry to you training them. After some months, the King asked the master Falconer about valuable birds training report. The teacher informed him that one of the hawks responded perfectly to the training. While the other had not moved branch where it left off from the day of your arrival. The king commanded to call healers and healers so they saw the Falcon, but nobody could make you fly. Then he decided to entrust the mission members of the Court, but nothing happened. In an act of desperation, the King decided to communicate to his people that it would offer a juicy reward to the person who would fly the Hawk.

The next morning, he saw the Falcon nimbly flying against the Windows of her Palace. The King him he told his court, bring me the author of this miracle! His court quickly presented to a peasant. The King asked him: do you did fly to the? Falcon? How did you? Are you a magician? Intimidated, the peasant said to the King: was neither magic nor science, my Lord. It was something simpler than all that, only cutting the branch. It was then when the Hawk he realized that he had wings and flew. The Chronicles recount that since then the Falcon flew freely and without restriction. The King simply enjoyed your flight. Original author and source of the article

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