They repair the cultural level of the responsible redadores for the Statute of the Child and Adolescente (ECA). All legislation if anchors in a principle (or set of them) it legitimizes that it. In the case of the ECA the support is: The unimputability of the minors of 18 years is a right because the people, in this etria band, have incomplete mental development (biological criterion), for entirely not having incorporated the rules of convivncia of the society. Until where I never know this was proven scientifically and same as estimated it is fragile, since they do not lack contrary arguments for different specialists. To construct a legal apparatus all, with strong social impact on the basis of so arguable affirmation is at least imprudent. Already they are 21 years of validity and good before this anniversary this law already generated a satiated material that would justify its revision. It is not one badly completely, has its advances that they deserve to be protected of the critics more afoitos, however possesss serious errors to start for its main cited bedding already. A law so badly planned and elaborated, inevitably, will go to provide harmful effect to the set of the society.

It has in it nonsenses that go of a extremity to another one, of a side if redoma in return of &#039 created one; ' crianas' ' in which they everything can, of another one she establishes sanctions that much are resembled to already practised for the adults: insertion in regimen of half-freedom, to the freedom attended and the rendering of services the same community and the reclusion (maximum of 3 years). However, with being able of if making to fulfill very fragile. The problem is here to know which is the logic of this. Another question, for most serious me. I do not understand as it can happen.

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