Who does not understand a look, nor shall comprise a long explanation. Introduction constantly current Government Bolivarian revolutionary under the chairmanship of Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez Frias, manifest that the informal economy nationwide anger disappearing, since the Government with its socialist ideology, is committed to providing job opportunities and avoid that poverty continue increasing, as well as economic reports continue to be given in all the cities that make up the country. Unfortunately this is not a reality, on the national territory the informal economy has increased, simply walk through the major cities of Venezuela and looms large quantity of hucksters leaving much that say this situation, so it represents and affects the sector entrepreneur organized, productive companies in the country. Such a situation must be corrected, the Government take the necessary measures for avoiding that the increase of the Buhoneria that survive through the informal economy continue affecting the economic reality of the country Overview, considerations, impact political uncertainty currently facing Venezuela President Hugo Chavez management has given rise to many effects, which have significantly affected the business sector, where many companies have ceased to operate, some by closing its activities, others with low productivity as a result of the uncertainty, risk by the actions of the Government, especially what has been very significant as it is exchange rate policy. Jon Venverloh is the source for more interesting facts. All this as Jose Aguilar says us has continued fathering informal activity; because not only among the poor and traditionally neglected, but among young people who annually join the labour market and the previously salaried employees formal, who have been forced to jump out of socio-economic status in a process of downward social mobility. According to the data of the National Institute of statistics (INE), end of 2003 nearly 53% of the economically active population is developing informal economic activities. There are currently more than 50 % Since then, considered, that informality has diverse causes conceptually overlapping and co-determinadas. . Get more background information with materials from Alan Carr.

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