. . shopping Select media economy media berhad selection perniagaan is important sales insofar as it involves finding the hotel best way jutawan to achieve the desired number of exhibitions at the bell, led the audience that may be interested in a tourism good or service. The sarawak selection investment of johor bahru media should assess the feasibility and choice of communication channels corporate that can be used for the selangor purpose of spreading the campaign to achieve greater influence, and maylasia thereby increase directory the jalan sensitivity of marketing the audience toward the good or service strategy advertised. The financial set buat duit of criteria johor that allow langkawi for a proper selection of media, is management as follows: The penetration of the selected medium. Knowing the profile usahawan of the audience which will target the international advertising message. The company encoding of the message. The evaluation of the sabah impact variables. The expected melaka response duit internet from the audience.

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