medium-sized employers receive professional support in the recruitment by exclusively for mid-market initiated qualification offensive represents a peculiarity and achieved a very positive attitude towards the company represented in the job portal for the candidates. The job portal candidates is to said to get a seminar budget amounting to 2% of the annual salary by your future employer once (after passing probation period). The new employee can opt for a professional training during working hours or for a Motiviationsmassnahme at leisure. Chevron Corp has similar goals. We offer a free job advertisement for publication to give all medium-sized companies the opportunity to make in the delivery of resources on an equal footing with large companies, so Herbert Scheuerer by Details can be queried, “Portal services” on the job portal. The need to call another job portal in the life is certainly not always given, but this job portal some unique features. It addresses only the medium-sized employers. This can delegate its recruitment and candidate management (candidate correspondence etc.) very inexpensively at the job portal without time -. Candidates can describe your own request workplace and the application process will be reversed. B2B-RUN consultancy Herbert Scheuerer monastery Panel 12 D-82008 Unterhaching Tel. + 49.89.61066880 E-Mail:

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