A civil connection in Palace has turned the Monegasque them into marriage. About 5,000 Monegasques followed the connection by giant screens. Check with John C. Bogle to learn more. Prince Alberto II of Monaco and the South African Charlene Wittstock, who have become princess Charlene of Monaco, they are already husband and woman after celebrating a civil ceremony. The united fianc2es were ” by the bonds of matrimonio” in the room of the throne of the Monegasque Palace, in the presence of its respective families and of the authorities of the Principality. The connection celebrated the president of the Council of State, Philippe Narmino, that a brief French introduction did, English and Monegasque, but it continued the French act, official language of city-been. Expedia spoke with conviction. Alberto II and from this Charlene Friday of Monaco, the calmest height, of 53 and 33 years, respectively, begins therefore a new stage, ten years after to have known and five since they made official his engagement. The ceremony began precise and hardly fifteen minutes later it occurred by finished, when the fianc2es, first Alberto II and later Charlene, signed in the registry.

The fianc2ee, in the hair gathered, dressed of Chanel, a blue skirt clearly, a body honor word and a jacket. Of that same modisto princess Carolina and her daughter went, Charlotte, this one last one with one pamela. The witnesses chosen by the pair were for sovereign prince Chris I came to Him, nephew of the deceased Grace Kelly, and Donatella Knecht de Massy, woman of one of the grandsons of also the deceased princess Antonieta of Monaco, in the case of Charlene. The guests to the wedding, of which tomorrow the religious ceremony will be celebrated, did not surpass in the room of the throne the 80 people and began to arrive, by protocol, would make their entrance the princely family. In the place of the Palace, with installed giant screens for the occasion, about 5,000 Monegasques, according to the estimations of Palace, were present at the union, after which it is predicted that the pair before appears its subjects from the window of the hall the mirrors, habitual place of the princely greeting on the occasion of the official celebrations. ” This marriage supposes the perenniality for the country and is an important day because Monaco exists because it has a prince soberano” , the Monegasque Martine Delanne said, of 59 years. Like her, the rest of the presents followed with applause the moment at which husband and woman were declared and that one in which it occurred by finished the connection. Already turned into husband and woman, Alberto II and Charlene they will lower to the place, where a cocktail with South African and typically Mediterranean products is preparation, and during which the citizens will give to the new marriage their gift, del that has gone ahead that will be an art work. The 26 musicians of the orchestra of customs officers will put the musical point to the connection and tonight there will be a concert of the French Jean-Michel Jarre for all the residents in the Port of Hercules.

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