If one is insensitive, there are constant boredom and to escape this constantly looking for pleasure. The entire entertainment industry has come to capitalize on the basis of human boredom. When we teach children to work for a reward and not for the pleasure of work, we are teaching them to separate the work of pleasure. Such mind is energized only when there is reward, otherwise will live in a State of boredom. The art of living consists of rejoice for what one does, regardless of the outcome which offers. One then works creatively, with sensitivity and not by personal ambition. This, and much more, is the art of living.

You can not learn as if it were a formula. It is the result of our own understanding of life and self. We must therefore help students find that understanding. Virtue, which is the blossoming of the goodness in the human consciousness, is a product of self-awareness. It is not something that can be mechanically practice as if it were a skill. Very interesting also the education of today, when indicated us, that in the new vision of education we are not only taking the responsibility of imparting information and skills but also arouse sensitivity and creativity in children. There is no a method established for this purpose. These are things that can not be decided, practiced and achieved.

However, they wake up in the child if there is the right atmosphere in school or at home. It is our responsibility to create that atmosphere an atmosphere of cooperative work, with taste and friendship, working hard but without personal ambition or any sense of rivalry, an atmosphere of openness, questioning, search, and taste by learning together.Which means that we ourselves must live and work in that way. Lecturing does not work. A child learns what he really sees what’s happening to her around, not of what you speak classroom classes. If you find that we say one thing and do another, you learn how to do exactly the same. Which represents, that will end up showing hypocrisy! A teacher who punishes a child because it does hurt their sum incorrectly not only is letting you know that the Fort could dominate and to penalize the weak! Therefore one must be very careful. There are no short cuts to impart education which we have described above. The child absorbs the values that he or she sees, not those that are discussed. *.pkrishna.org/spanish/right_education_spanish.html.-Maria Montessori his life and work by e. M. Standing, Mentor of Omega, London 1957 books.-education and the significance of the life j.

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