Name: Bruno Roberto de la Rosa Hernandez Birth Place: Puebla Pue. Email: rodehe.4935 or dlrosah bn EDUCATION: Degree in Public Accounting 6th Semester (2006) BUAP EXPERIENCE: ACCOUNTING ASSISTANT (2008) Financial Consultants and judged SC (Audit and government tax) Activities: capturing and accounting treatment of taxes, expenses and revenues in electronic media. Participation in the drafting of the code of ethics to the company Sud Chemie de Mexico SACV COURSE AND UPDATE. Costs Day 2009 BUAP 2nd Student Congress conocimieto generation and use of technologies in the public accounts 2007 SKILLS Techniques Interpersonal Conceptual OTHER SKILLS Office 2007 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher) Accounting Software (IOC, SAE, BANKS, RAPSODIA) English 40

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New Title 1 (Keys to Finding Good Jobs in Today’s Economy) by E. Elikwu (Kindle Edition – Jun 26, 2008)Kindle Book

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