Edison said it would make the light bulb there were people who told him that it was useless, not heard them and after hundreds of failures did it and today we have lights to illuminate the night. Before finishing this explanation let me tell you that the success depends much of our people around; If we are able to be influenced by these minds or have willpower to resist it and continue standing in our objectives. When entrepreneurs to invest they are advised by experts, when a person has a friend who knows this kind of business and says that it is good, then they leave people who begin to say that it is not a good investment, begin to discourage the entrepreneur but only analyze who does not risk not WINS and people that you discourage they have nothing. More than their debts, rather than fear of losing money, after all lost in stupid. I advise them then: 1. analyzes your thoughts, think effectively, removes the mental junk, always looking for answers within yourself themselves, open your mind. 2.

Exchanging ideas with people who have common interests, but winning people; do not listen to the people that you just get discouraged but has nothing with that preach, i.e. have not won anything because they have not lost anything. 3 Learn, search, inquires about what interests you, it is also important. When we want something, we’re really sorry, it is when we imagine having a car or a House, something within us burning and invites us to imagine how it would if we had the object of desire.

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