Homeland 'Nigerian letters', you guessed it – Nigeria. It is in this country (the population of which, incidentally, is nearly 150 million people, which is higher than in Russia) was introduced and received dissemination of fraudulent scheme. Camden treatment associates is often quoted on this topic. The gist is that your e-mail message arrives with a proposal to get huge commissions for what you provide your bank account to temporarily store the pair destyakov million. Will tell you, how did this unreported amount. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Camdent Treatment Associates on most websites. In the story will be featured state officials, ministers and generals, contracts and government programs. All you need to only consent to legitimate operation – and all at once you become an owner of a fortune. Variants of the stories very much.

It can be story about the tragedy that befell the family of a millionaire (in no money now owners), offer to take a multimillion-dollar prize in a lottery (you win!) or become the owner ultimate treasure bequeathed to you by unknown people you. Countries may be arbitrary, but most often it is Ghana, Benin, Nigeria, Gabon and other African country. For example, a letter from Ghana, promising the recipient of more than 12 million dollars. Of course, no truth in these letters is not, and any money you do not see. The main task of the sender – interest naive recipient, to persuade him to respond. Further in the course of being processed in the manner of the Roma, in which it appears that the money is almost that you hitch dlish that urgently needs to be (!) To pay a few hundred (or, if enough insolence, thousands) of dollars to organize everything – whether to bribe an official, whether to open special accounts, or to carry cash, or anything else. Fun counting on the fact that a person will not be sorry to leave minuscule compared with the expected Kush, sum.

The first thing I suggest you do if you have lost their nerve after receiving such a letter – to check on the Internet, have not received such a letter if other people do. As soon as you can see that Letter sent not only to you, the fog has dissipated, and you – to see. Then you can throw or an episode from his memory or, if you're interested, try to play with the scammers, to bargain, to argue. Cease communication you able at any moment – just under the pretext of asking U.S. $ 800 on the overhead. Your patrons immediately prostynet trail.

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