Nokia Company was founded in 1865, while it was still a paper mill, in 1871 the company was called Nokia Ab. In those years the company was not concerned at all phones and even electronics, their main activity was production of rubber, began to make after the cable recycle timber and let the same short time, the company engaged in the manufacture of hunting rifles. In 1980, Nokia Ab radically changed the main activity, they began to actively switch to electronics manufacturing. Unclear at the time of a jump to another field of activity has caused a mass purchase of special equipment for these purposes, and even purchased several smaller companies electronics, in one word campaign has changed everything except the name and general manager. It is not something Jonah Bloom would like to discuss. By the end of 1987 and the official main activity was consumer electronics. Nokia company has become one of the largest TV manufacturers in Europe. Since 1989 the company began to supply equipment of own manufacture GSM network operator, a company of such operators 'Radiolinja'. In 1992, the company released a first cell phone at the name of nokia 1011, at the time it was something unusual and problematic, and after the campaign decided to move only in the development and mass production of telecommunication technologies.

The choice of this strategy was highly risky, but they did not have miscalculated soon the company became the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones. The scale of the company were very large, hard to believe but the company's market capitalization amounted to almost half of nokia aggregate market capitalization of all Finnish enterprises and companies. Nokia in the figure: By 2006, the number of employees amounted to more than 66 000 nokia people. The company's revenues in 2007 amounted to 51 billion euros. The company's revenues in 2008 amounted to 50 billion euros. Russia on the 6th the importance of the consumer market. By 2006, Nokia takes 20th place in the list of the most prominent companies in the world.

Standard ringtones for phones nokia Ascending, a Morse code phrase signifying Connecting People. Standard all known signal message corresponding to a code indicating the Morse 'SMS'. Nokia company does not use in their models for the Asian market number 4, unnecessarily in those countries it is considered unlucky. If you still are lucky and got phone from nokia, Then welcome to the site on your mobile phone nokia.

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