CashRun announces partnership with payment network AG and integrated in its global payment service CashPay Germany, November 23, 2010 CashRun, a leading provider of E-commerce solutions, announces its latest partnership with payment network AG and integrated the popular European payment option in its global payment service CashPay. The cooperation between CashRun and the payment network AG provides access to the unique and extensive banking network by, whose direct payment method requires only online banking and no credit card information Internet retailers in Europe, Asia and North America. The integration of in CashPay, CashRuns industry-leading product for online payments, enables Internet merchants to offer their goods and services to an expanded customer base, to deliver orders faster and enjoy the extensive benefits of CashPay. We are pleased about the sales partnership with CashRun, which Merchants the online payment option according to EuPD Research is most popular in Germany make.”explained Christoph Klein, Chief Executive Officer of payment network AG. “The cooperation releases new dynamic and valuable synergy effects in two companies, which will strengthen the standards of service for online payments around the world.” is used not only in Germany but also in Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Belgium. Due to the strong position, customers in the Netherlands and France will benefit from the service of by payment network AG before the end of the year; the market in Italy and Spain is scheduled for 2011. About the payment network AG, is a leading online payment system in Germany. Over 14,000 merchants trust already on the system and benefit from the fast, simple and secure payment processing.

The system is certified by the TuV edited monthly more than a million transactions. Over 30% of German retailers using already successfully. about CashRun the company CashRun was founded in 2007 with the aim to offer secure and convenient online payment options for Internet merchants. Gallen, Switzerland, headquartered in St, CashRun has now international offices in Germany, United States, Singapore and China. Since business, CashRun achieved impressive successes in high fraud risk industries. Through the ongoing development of its solutions, CashRun achieved worldwide first-class service for E-commerce companies. A strong global presence and partnerships CashRun support dealers, to strengthen its core competencies, to accelerate revenue growth and to minimize risks of payment fraud. contact media wife Irene Brime CashRun wife Lilian Gwendolyn Thau payment network AG

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