Look to attract customers to your business. Tip: If your page is visited through paid or free advertising and the conversion rate is low (10% or less), I assure you that the quality of the visit is not the best. You have to identify the ideal customer and let them know in your advertising that it is him you’re looking for (and even taking a good percentage, the door is open to improvement). Note and additional tip: My articles are not effective because they are well written.

You are asked to take action and you are encouraged to do so (for example: Click here for more free tips, visit us now and grow your business, click here and get the free report, etc.). Step Two: Landing page the visitor clicked on your free or paid advertising. He’s very interested, is a potential customer because through advertising and now you identified as your second step is to take action. What do I do? Use a Landing Page or Landing Page. A landing page is excellent because it focuses on a single target. Notes on my landing page achieves a 31.3% conversion because the domain is distributed everywhere, thus diminishing its effectiveness.

But using my assistant David (not give you the link because it would affect his conversion) is an exact copy of you’re watching but it achieves an impressive 52.2% of conversion because David is focused on distributing my content in places where my potential customers are passed and because in my articles I am looking for specific market. Modeled my landing page. This pre-qualifies the visitor, it presents a solution and asked to take action. They are easy to do. Copy my model and see. Third and final step: Have a clear objective Notice again my landing page If a person comes here, only found the option to give me his email. Nothing else! There are no distractions, no external links, not sold anything. Sure, that’s my goal. But … It’s the same in your business. If you promotions, you want that visitor to a specific action. Very important, I repeat: if you promotions, you want that visitor to a specific action.

Whether you call, fill out a form, buy or give you his email. A single goal. Nothing more. Therefore, it builds your website to carry the visitors to your goal. Nothing distractions and no external links if you do not help. It’s like a map. You know where you’re going to go, you take the map and go straight to the target. No distractions. So, have a clear objective of what you want to achieve with that visitor and only offer him that option. I will summarize … To obtain a high conversion rate on your business need: 1. Identify the client. 2. Use a landing page. 3. Have a clear goal of what you want to achieve. There you are, beloved employer. My simple 3-step system to achieve an amazing 52.2% conversion. Implement these strategies and you’ll see impressive results.

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