Origin, history and Heraldry of the names and surnames of Alfredo, Rogelio, Saul, Camila Fernanda anyway, there are hundreds of names and Hispanic surnames, some are pleasant and denote some sort of lineage while others only wish to change them without thinking twice. In my particular case until some time ago I disgust me my name, Aaron Gallo, not very pleasant to the ear to be honest, until after many years entered me the intrigue of knowing the origins of my name, obviously my parents chose it for their own reasons and I not asked me, on each occasion that questioned them about their decision they answered me something as that name is very nice or respect that it is the of your great-grandfather. On occasion I felt the interest of knowing if the nickname by which he was known had history or something like that, and to my surprise surfing the net I found a website that could meet and clarify my concerns. Turns out that the etymology is a branch of grammar, which is responsible for studying the origin of the words, and it was then when I realized that my name had not been created just to annoy me. The origin and history of names is important to the extent that we were able to understand our attitudes towards life. The name can offer us a clear idea regarding the nature of our personality, as well as our features emotive and expressive level.

It should be remembered though that we change the name, so in memory, will given by our parents accompany us for the rest of our lives. Likewise, the surnames are part of our lives, not just our history and our past, but also to preserve the lineage of our House, our family, because although the blood persist, not with her we know. The surnames were created in the middle ages to recognize the different families of the time, and thus preserve the lineages. Hispanic culture consists of two surnames, one the paternal and the other mother, so keep the progeny of each family. After reading and investigate a little with respect to the origin and history my name and surname, was more in keeping with the nickname that was given to me, and even when I discovered that the majority of names has a coat of arms. Heraldry is the art of studying compositions and meanings of the coats of arms or coat of arms, which gives us a general idea of the aspects of each lineage in the past. This is complemented with the Numerology of names can give us key data regarding our behavior, and can be a practical guide to make the most of our qualities and defects even. After all this, I feel more comfortable with my name, but now I want to know my name in Japanese. Source: Press release sent by Misabueso2011.

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