It tells the story of a subject of 55 years of age, sedentary, without dreams, hopeless, without wishing to live. This person had two sons, one of them turned out to be almost faithful copy of his father: sedentary, hopeless and without dreams. While, the other son turned out to be the owner of your own business, leading a very healthy life, married a wonderful woman, with two beautiful daughters, even he was next to start another good business. The interesting thing is that cited both children to ask them the same question: why it had chosen that lifestyle? The two responded independently, without that one found out the response of the other. However, the biggest impact was when both gave the same answer: what else could have been done after having the father I had?. This is self-determination itself, when the human being is above the circumstances and is not a victim of circumstances. The human being who lives depending on circumstances is what is known as Personality test, is that defines it its environment, climate, defines it the economy of his country, his family, his wife, define it a myriad of factors external to him. And there is the proactive personality: he who owns the circumstances, that choose to be what he wants, and has the determination of success in his forehead and heart. Why we invite anyone who choose to be proactive and to be ==> owner of his own business here!

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