Perfect comfort with our bathrobes for women if at the end of the day, we think often only on one: come home and find a little comfort and tranquility. As a woman is our first reflex House, to change and to put on something more comfortable to feel truly at home. Does not go so a good dressing gown, to relax fully. If you are looking for a dressing gown or replace your current, you will find in several sizes from XS to XXL, plain or printed numerous models on our Web site, in different fabrics and colors. If you soft looking, you will certainly like our gowns in Velvet, E.g.

The model A3910, a robe with buttons in Jersey velvet. By his light he will adapt your movements. In a question-answer forum John McCann was the first to reply. After a long day, his support is a true pleasure. This dress has a Claaudine neck, and two side pockets. Front covered with occupied buttons, this robe is brought front and in the back by the great Falmten to wear. Can the dises model made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester Machine wash.

Our models will give you comfort and light to emphasize your femininity, such as the model S3280 that will heat up your winter evenings. This is a padded dressing gown “Florentine”, which every time the winter cold you will forget. The patterns in various colourful patterns will remember the spring. In this robe of wide cut and with Offizierskraagen, you will find the perfect comfort. He has a zipper from the cut-out leg and side pockets. This robe is made of 100% polyester can be gewaaschen in the Maaschine and exists in two lengths: 129 and 140 cm. All seasons our robes will give you the necessary comfort and soft. Visit our Web page. Rupert is an associate editor of, a pioneer site offers Negligees, nightwear, cotton Nightgowns, etc. We offer the best quality products.

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