St. Petersburg, most European city in Russia to visit everyone can, you just book a room in one of the largest hotels in the city on the Neva, or in a mini-economy-class hotel, depending on your preference. If you decide go to Petersburg, you need to specify the places that you wish to attend. This, of course Isaac and Kazan cathedrals on the square where many are celebrating anniversaries of the city. Our Saviour on Spilled Blood, where you can see the section of granite pavement, where he was killed by the emperor. Hermitage, Menshikov Palace, and the centerpiece – the ensemble of Peterhof Palace with lots of fountains and the canal overlooking the Gulf of Finland.

It can be reached different transport, including the bay at the "rocket". Walking along the embankments of the Neva, where there are ancient sphinxes, will present one of the most amazing feeling, where you can feel the spirit of antiquity. Reserve seats in advance at the hotel did not no difficulty. Now the world is changing rapidly. At any hotel, whether economy-class hotel, there are e-mail address and Web site where you can send a reservation request. Depending on the chosen hotel, you will be provided various kinds of services.

In St. Petersburg, trained professionals of tourism business, including hotel staff, so the quality of service will be at altitude. Ride on Channels Petersburg on pleasure boats – one of the greatest pleasures. You will have refreshments and light lunch. On the number of channels of St. Petersburg is located almost in the first place among cities Europe. In organizing a trip to St. Petersburg to help any tourist office in your city. They will contact the hotel at your request and book. Now many travel agencies began to work in any sample than at the time. If you visit St Petersburg in the summer, you will not regret it, that does not have gone to Egypt or Turkey, which are exotic even for Russian tourists will not name. Attractions in St. Petersburg on each step, and you can tell what to see in St. Petersburg and trained staff. Will cost you a week-long trip to St. Petersburg a few, but still worth the trip.

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