Accident prevention on ships and port facilities, weatherproof and UV-resistant, coloured Rohrmarkierer are the marking of pipes on vessels after ISO14726 essential and port facilities is of utmost importance to ensure the security at any time. MACRO IDENT is specialist for the lockout-tagout solutions and pipe markers and provides robust Rohrmarkierer for industrial safety in the maritime sector. 14726 ISO standard specifies the base colors for the labelling of substances in pipes in the maritime sector. Since this is international standard most vessels in international waters, the only text in English is available. The ISO 14726-2 standard specifies additional color coding, which allows a detailed labelling of the substances. Accidents, injuries, and damage to machines and equipment caused by persons, who are not informed about substances flowing through a pipe. In the maritime sector should therefore at least a pipe marking in each room be present.

At any point, to run the pipes through a wall, ceiling or the floor, a pipe marking is essential, such as in the proximity of valves. Optimally, a Rohrmarkierer is all 3 to 5 metres. Sometimes, authorities require additional pipe markings. MACRO ID offers different bands to the pipe marking for the Navy. Colored Rohrmarkierer in the basic colors of black, blue, Brown, green, grey, copper, Orange, silver, red, violet, white and yellow are available. The range includes 1-color and 2-color bands.

The 1-coloured Rohrmarkierer are available in three different widths: 25 mm, 50 mm and 100 mm with each 33 meters length. The 2-colored bands are available in size 225 mm x 15 m. Rohrmarkierer with text of type 4 and 5 show the base color, the flow direction and the name of the respective substance. Thus can be tubes marked more and more obvious and avoid accidents. The material used for the marking of pipelines B a polyester film with a very good adhesive acrylic based adhesive is-7541. The adhesive offers excellent adhesion on various surfaces such as polypropylene, stainless steel, ABS, on surfaces, etc. have been painted with powder paints The material is according to EU Directive 2002/95/EC RoHs compliant and certified in accordance with ISO 14726 for ship operation technology. The material for pipe marking is permanent temperatures of 110 C (or 1 hour 140 C) to minus 40 C can be used. It is moisture-resistant, with a relative humidity of 95 percent.

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