Currently, the most diverse types of companies, are of different transports or exactly different branches, invest in directed actions to preserve the social values and ambient and for this reason they finish having as it rewards a significant improvement in its image before the society as a whole. In accordance with the Ethos Institute of Companies and Social Responsibility, already is significant the number of great and average Brazilian companies who select suppliers (micron and small) using criteria of the RSE. Moreover, with the globalizado world of today, the information tend to arrive as bigger speed thanks to the available technologies. Thus, coexisting the press that is each fiscalizadora time and consuming not instructed and demanding, the vital quo for the future of an establishment is perceived if it becomes to develop activities with this responsibility. The companies who need to know some pointers to know as it walks its level of responsibility, can look in the Ethos vestibule tools of self-diagnosis and planning of the period of training of the company in the incorporation of the enterprise social responsibility. They can be applied periodically and is divided in seven subjects: values, transparency and governana, internal public, environment, relations with suppliers, consumers and customers, community, government and society.

The Pointers contemplate, beyond the generalities, valid for any organization, dedicated displays of the periodical sector – given on training, legal support and protection to the journalists who cover areas of risk. In the practical one, to integrate economic, ambient and social aspects diminishes costs, mainly future, beyond reducing risks, preventing wastefulnesses and the main one in the capitalist world, to gain profits. more, in a thought of long stated period, finishes constructing innumerable solid and lasting relationships with the public of the company, in special collaborators, customers and community it its entorno, generating important alliances very where values and principles reign as loyalty, the confidence and responsibility of one stop with the other. , In such a way conscientious of the current paper of the companies in the world and still, with its belief in the proposal of the support, entrepreneurs and executives they more long for each day to invest in this area as a form to show to the world and to commemorate something still seen by many as impossible to be seen together: results and benefits for the business to the side of results and benefits for the society and the environment. 4 References Iochpe, Evelyn Berg (org). 3 Sector: Supported Social development.

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