As you understand, we are talking about reducing limits, and issuing of residence permit the Czech Republic will have to set new limits in 2011. We are waiting for the official placement of the new law on immigration in the Czech Republic in the pages of the Internet and media. Legal advice in Prague can get from specialists Prague Lion. From the latest news from the Czech Republic from December 1, 2010. Instead, the Police Immigration issues involving foreigners will deal with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic in the face of migration service. Foreigners who submit documents for renewal in December 2010, will be served is the newly adopted law on immigration. From the statements of a new migration service we can note that will be introduced appointment by phone and internet reception of each alien, in order to avoid the presence of queues at immigration points.

Extension of long-term visas will be held without the presence of a new migration Service of the Czech Republic. The first two-year visa will be issued on Enterprise now after two years of residence, until 2011, this period is one year. Documents will be sent by mail or via Datov shranok, the presence of the alien will be required only when obtaining a new visa. Financial proof for visa extension in 2011 in the Czech Republic will be the document confirming the payment of wages in the Czech Republic, or financial the outcome of the legal person (company) of an alien, a leading business in the Czech Republic. Migration Service of the Czech Republic, in turn, will get a legitimate opportunity to check the economic activities of any company or private owner for a profit, paying taxes, charges and payments of wages. Insurance for foreign nationals will be allowed only complex, allowing to obtain all types of medical services and covers all kinds of treatments, including operative and postoperative rehabilitation. Of Insurance, acting as an aid in case of accidents, will not be accepted either by the migration service or consulate Czech Republic. Insurance limit will be increased to 60000 euros per person per year. The electronic passport with biometric data will be mandatory for all foreigners, including children, the cost of registration for an adult in 2500 to czk Child 1000 czk. Following the introduction of electronic passports to foreigners, a visa to the Czech Republic will disappear as a document, all information on residence of foreigners in the Czech Republic will be stored in the chip of the passport. The new biometric Czech passport for foreigners third world countries will travel visa-free regime for eu countries and the Schengen area. Introduction of the blue card for each foreigner working in the Czech Republic is also not far off, as and what will work this system, time will tell.

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