Plants used in pluperfect years in order to cure every disease. Former inhabitants of Polynesia for over millennia have used noni fruit for the sake of saving a person's health and called a gift of nature for his performance. Noni concludes more than 150 needed for the health ingredients – minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and iridoids. Iridoids or bitter glycosides – compounds are very bitter taste. Iridoids – most important of the compounds that are in the fruit of noni, they differ from flavonoids in value, resistance to processing and storage – do not lose their initial personal and unique value of the numerical presence in the production of TNI. Iridoids are not often found in conventional fruits and fruit noni record for their content.

It is important that the benefits of noni and iridoids (elements belonging to the group fitohimikaly) irrevocably united among themselves. Iridoids – probably the most important attribute utility Tahitian fruit noni. Scientists prove that iridoids increase energy, regulate cholesterol and kill free radicals, protects heart health, enhance immunity, reduce inflammation and support healthy dynamics of the brain. Iridoids not come across any plant and in small parts. The effectiveness of this element, the higher the more it is in the plant, but it is replete with noni.

Plants possessing manifest a bitter taste for a long has been used to increase appetite and build the digestive activity of the stomach (the roots of gentian and dandelion, noni juice, sweet flag root). In addition, bitter glycosides exhibit these types of biological Activity: hormone, diuretic, sedative and tranquilizing, wound healing, antitumor, hypotensive, coronary extends, antispasmodic and antiarrhythmic, antibiotic, etc. Sometimes iridoids stored in the plants completely with essential oils and mucus, in these cases, their power is multiplied. Daily receiving body iridoids, for example with the juice of the noni is well reflected in the overall health and performance man.

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