To date, many industries use polyurethane. His popularity of this material is won thanks to its exceptional properties. Polyurethane is an excellent substitute for rubber and some cases, successfully replacing even metal. Professional technical services and other customers this material has attracted its: durability; high resistance to abrasion, ability to obtain detail of the desired shape on a drawing, a distinctive resistance to aggressive media, oils, ozone, acids and chemical solutions; resistance to a wide range of temperatures, the elastic properties; ease; vibration; noise reduction, impact resistance, the ability to quickly replace parts, easy installation, and most importantly a large monetary savings during the lifetime of components. If the question of what is commonly produced from this type of elastomer, the list of product lines will be very large. We give only part of this list: polyurethane plate (Plate), polyurethane rods (cylinders), polyurethane bushings, various sort of cuff seal, polyurethane rollers, rollers, polyurethane rollers, coating, polyurethane coating (similar to rubber-coating rubber), polyurethane rings, and other cast products to customer drawings. Almost any part can be made from this material.

An additional advantage of a pleasant, when considering the application of the material, will be the ability to handle mechanical means (depending on mark). Ie polyurethane products can be processed: cutting, cutting, turning, drilling, etc. Basic common brands of polyurethane with their appointments: SKU-PFL – plates, bushings, rods, SKU-7L – Platinum bushings, rods, SKU-PFL-CH – shoe plate of polyurethane (PU plate) Lure-90 – melkogabaritnye products, veneer, coating roller shafts, wheels, rollers. For more information on the characteristics of the data makes you familiarize turning to the specialists of our company.

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