Have you ever held a presentation? Perhaps a talk in school? The latter is quite likely. Do you remember last on your topic? Are you the lectures and presentations if you perform the more relaxed type who stands behind his cause, or are you more of the Excited? Of course, even the one who is excited behind his cause are 🙂 If you would now rather have the latter type of man you would have felt attacked wohlmoglich, if I had not written the supplement with the smilie. Just read an article at this moment. Please look again briefly on the smilie. A happy little (cute) face. It is precisely at this moment as I write this book in my hand what I write and express what I want, and depending on the target person, I can roughly estimate what the popular reaction in reading this article. You dear reader, decide whether you continue to read and your attitude, character and emotional state unconsciously decide whether you feel personally attacked or not, how much importance you attach to this article on its own.

Those who can read between the lines and not just fly over, have probably already recognized what is the point of this article. You alone decide dear readers what you say and how you say it – your listeners are all of different nature. Be aware when creating your presentations and try to target certain emotions to awaken during the presentation. Drag your audience in its spell – If you are from your topic, yet convinced, then let your eyes sparkle. Be nice. It's authentic.

How to get faster to the desired target presentation. Communication is what matters! It's spring. An advertising man is with a customer in the city for some food to go. The path leads past a man sitting on the floor of the pedestrian zone and a hat stand with two coins in front of him. In the hand he keeps a sign on the gray in letters stands: "I am blind." The advertising man goes to the man who takes a pen from his jacket pocket reaches the plate and begins to write on the back. Then he hands the old man's plate: Then says: "It is spring, nature awakens, the birds begin to fly and wakes up the flowers. You can see it – I do not "do you think is more effective so that the man gets the coveted pieces of money? Good luck with creating your lectures and presentations. For information about presentations and presentation of music, I would like to put our site to the heart. Presentations – Presentations customer loyalty

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