Hello as these Luis Flores, greets you in the internet business is essential to take into account three fundamental aspects in order to have a profitable and solid business since this hereby success in online business, that is why the majority of people fail because they believe that you have a business on the internet is like a magic wand to move it and you instantly get results and no this is not so, or that last 2 or 4 months trying and trying and that they see no results and no longer follow with your business Internet and usually failing and because 3 fundamental aspects that do not apply and are unaware of but now I’m going to reveal and these are: focus. Focus on what you really want to achieve, if you like the marketing of affiliate focus on that or if you like direct sales or MLM focus, but focus on something with what you want to have results, that’s why most people fail because the same is not affiliate marketing and direct sales or MLM since in affiliate marketing you do not occupy talk with people because product is someone more and not yours then you’re promoting that product, contrary to the direct sales or MLM here if you need to speak directly to people is why they are two aspects that work totally different, approach is like a magnifying glass, in which to put it in the Sun and without direction of approach has no results and the Sun’s rays are scattered in all directions, but if you put direction of approach to the magnifying glass then you will get a result it is when all the Sun’s rays are focused on a single point and have results and in this case is to have results on the internet, an is the secrets of people who have great results approach focusing on doing activities that producan revenue in yours in your business niche is why what you perform actions that produce results, working on the internet is to perform actions specific to have results and these results may take and takes time, then focus on something in what you want to achieve those results. .

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