A big part of business today is twitter, one that understands that is has been a member of major companies This project is implemented by the Consortium CIDESMA and CENCATUR SAC is funded by the Consortium of Private Organizations for Development Promotion of Small and Micro Enterprise – COPEME, MINDER, EU and PROPOLI. The Project goal is to increase the number of clients of the fairground located in the Main Plaza de Lurin. With this intervention we hope to obtain the following results: 1. The showmen improve the presentation and image of your show. 2. The showmen increase the quality of its product offerings and services. 3. The showmen properly managed business management tools. The micro project is expected to benefit directly to 50 exhibitors and indirectly to the 250 members of their families (an estimated 5 people per family). The current gastronomic fair, has a captive audience or existing customers, these customers are mainly people living in the same district of Lurin, economic status are middle and low, low quality mainly related to the type of services is provided at the fairgrounds, making potential customers segment upper-middle and upper socioeconomic attend mainly restaurants and picnics with higher quality products and attention, their customers are very financing different between men and women, young, adults and older adults. The main products are: a. In desserts and sweets: porridges, picarones, puddings, cakes, candies, unsecured loan etc.. b. In Food: Arroz con pato, carapulcra, dry soup, spicy guinea pig, barbecue, rachi, tummy, brochettes, stuffed potato, among others. c. In drink chicha morada and soda. The average price per plate is S /. 1.00 nuevo sol to sweets, sba loan desserts, beverages and from 5.00 to 7.00 finance nuevos soles per meal dishes. food pitchman Approximately 60 plates of food brought by each Sunday and if it falls fortnight or month-end brings about 120 private equity dishes. Likewise the pitchman for sweets and dessert brings on commercial business loans average 40 to 50 servings, while the half and end of month 80 to 100 commercial loan parts. The project aims by improving aspects of presentation, organization and supply, strengthening the market following objectives: a) Existing customers who try to retain, b) Potential customers, who are trying to attract and c) The lost customers, which we try to recover. PHOTOS: VIDEO: “first order”

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