In general, the process of building the site much faster. To make your site visible to the Internet, it must be put on disk space from some provider, which is permanently connected to the Internet. Then your site will be accessible to Internet users 24 hours a day. HOSTINGarenda disk space from your isp To put your saytVeb hosting (or virtual hosting) – is hosted Web sites for clients hosting provider's server and a set of services for the maintenance of hardware and software. In this case, the provider takes responsibility for the proper functioning of the server, provides timely software updates. In hosting services so as usually includes support services. Hosting is divided on the paid and free.

Free hosting is suitable for simple home sites. For medium and large sites required fee hosting.O hosting (here) Domain – the name of your site. Domains are the 1 st, 2 nd, 3rd, etc. levels. All domains are unique, two the same can not be. Top-level domains: for example, com, net, ru, info, biz, ua, de, etc. Under these domains, there are second-level domains, for example, or, the third level:,,, etc.

Top-level domains are divided into two groups: territorial (ru, ua, de, us, etc.) and vneterritorialnye (com, org, net, etc.). Top-level domains are also called zones. For example, all domains at any level in the geographical zone. ru belong to Russia. On any of the Top Level Domain everyone can register second-level domain. Site search promotion. Promotion in search engines. Registration in ratings, Katalogah.He worth considering that by creating a website, you have done the work. What would be interesting and useful site you have not built, his only visitors will have you yourself and some friends, invited to watch ego.Sozdav and placed in your web site, you will have to think about advertising and promotion. A typical mistake of many beginners is that after registering the site address in the search and rating systems, all activities in this direction is terminated. Website Promotion – the most important process for any site on the Internet. It is an endless process, which can not be stopped even for a day. Internet – a huge amount of information. Every day there are new sites that become unwound in terms of your competitors. If you just placed your site on the Internet and decided that was enough, then your website will very quickly at the bottom of the Internet, in most wilderness, where no one ever found them. To find out about your site, you need to constantly pull your web site into the light. Paid services – the Internet is now possible to meet a lot of sites that offer paid services – 'promotion', website promotion, registration site in directories. Sites that offer services promotion, search engine optimization, etc., are springing up like mushrooms. Do not believe everything that you offer! If you decide to use these services to promote your site, it is better to do on the serious, proven services (websites).

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