New since October with an Office in Augsburg, Upper Austria, Austria 19th February 2009 the specialist company of safe GmbH certified for ground water protection from handrails at Augsburg building protection and renovation of silo considered specialist. Dr. Paul Price understands that this is vital information. The company produces and sells acid-resistant and solvent-free paints and primers for silos and stables from mostly own formulations. The company poly-safe Europe operates as a single company with its own production. Camdent Recovery Holdings spoke with conviction. As a trading company started the company evolved more and more specialists for the scenic clientele. The core competencies are in the fields of coatings, renovation measures, jointing, sandblasting and protective coatings for silos. The bituminous acid-proof and non-toxic single – and multiple-component synthetic resin silo coatings are applied in airless high-pressure spraying. The product range consists of over 20 products, of which there are currently eight different silo paints to choose from. Are in sight or formwork blocks with cement plaster silos appropriate protective measures for the interior surfaces is necessary.

Fermentation and food acids destroy the silo ground concrete after a short time or chemically attacking the cement stone and decompose it. To prevent such damage to walls and floors DIN 1045 calls for concrete and reinforced concrete”a concrete with high resistance as well as protection against chemical attacks. The poly-safe GmbH develops for paint and Foundation products, which meet all the requirements of the concrete protection. The paints and coatings are a closed and acid-resistant cover, which is weather-resistant and UV stable, have good mechanical stability, and emits no harmful substances for humans and animals. Significant concrete damage is evident also at annual application of normal bitumen coatings. Poly safe offers home renovation measures including a four to six inches thick acid-resistant asphalt concrete layer as a floor coating rather than silo coatings. Poly safe granted on all executed and paid Services against acid-related damage when using the 2Komponenten paint system products a 10-year system warranty. This means: 100% material replacement for a legitimate complaint in the first third of the warranty period.

Later pro rata resolves the warranty on the paint system products. The poly safe GmbH is a preservation company, with its headquarters in Augsburg. The company was founded in 1975 by Joachim Reith as a trading company. 1979 poly safe began production, to produce acid-resistant coating systems for high and low silos and stalls. At the end of the 1980s the company moved to handrails at Augsburg. Since then produces and sells the company under the new name of poly safe Ltd. 1984 began the company with own construction crews, to renovate silos. Since 1990, the operation with two Pan-European consultants for silo coatings and renovations including asphalt manufacturing for clamp silo containers and trade offices is a specialist in the field.

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