In the world there are many dynamic developing economies, especially with regard to China. Who was in China in the 80th and 90th, respectively, one can really appreciate the dynamics of development in which the Chinese economy. However, the other party such dynamics of development, facing both Asian and Western countries: a negative impact on the local and the global ecology of the environment. The global challenge of this century is to create progress and prosperity while protecting our environment. By 2012 China will bring into orbit two satellites that will monitor the impact of air pollution on climate. Our paper is devoted to such subjects as the organization collection, removal and destruction of garbage and waste. She focused on how countries should cooperate and share knowledge and information to reduce the impact of the removal and disposal of garbage and waste on the environment.

As can be transformed into an industrial waste of resources and products with economic potential. The world of garbage, as the time to become a dynamic and innovative. Throughout the world, more companies and people are developing more and more ways to make new products from waste materials to arrive at a good profit. Recycling increased from year to year, since the raw material is becoming more inaccessible – more expensive. Repeated use of the same recycled garbage will help us to affect change and reduce the threat of biological degradation. The world economy is booming – growing production and created a huge demand for raw materials.

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