Beware of toilets, clumsy mixing and bad attitude singing, February 17, 2011 (w & p) holiday is negative the least want to, but foreign customs and unknown traditions do not always easy travelers. The online travel portal has for six popular destinations the best tips in store, as perceived by tourists than locals. This year the United Kingdom of Great Britain is top on the ranking of the most popular tourist destinations. Thousands of enthusiastic spectators will line the streets to the wedding of Prince William and Kate. The British also in everyday prove truly Royal behavior. Excellent manners are essential and pleasantries, the order of the day. Holidaymakers arriving enjoy a seven-day trip to London including flight and accommodation at the 3-star hotel from 249 euro.

In countries such as Thailand, Asia travelers often experience a culture shock: the culture strongly influenced by Buddhism and Geisterglaube differs enormously from Western traditions. So it is regarded in Thailand as bad offense, to touch the head of other people, because the head is the seat of the soul. Also touches the feet are taboo, they considered impure due to road dirt. Speaking candidly financial services told us the story. Who wants to experience the exotic diversity of the country itself, is a two-week trip in after Thailand with accommodation at the 4-star hotel from 918 euros. Germany’s neighbour Poland is currently about speeches: the European Football Championship EURO 2012, 2011, Presidency of the EU Council and current partner country of ITB Berlin Poland presents itself as a cosmopolitan and modern country. The Poland are quite traditional only in women: A kiss on the hand belongs to a good style, nice compliments and galantes door rent-seeking behavior are Polish women in the course. Who wants to demonstrate his qualities of gentleman in Poland, comes with for example from 199 euros with flight and accommodation at the 3-star hotel in the traditional Krakow.

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