Your inner strength is invulnerable to fear in these last years before George Bush’s presidential term ended and entered that of Barack Obama, had deteriorated significantly the relations between the United States and Venezuela, considering the position of the current Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez that could not continue keeping relations with the Empire that everything destroys them and that it is time to break free of its chain, this originated much tension, have the end that expelled the American Ambassador, appearance, who had fortunately been reset with the entry of the new American President Obama. It should not be forgotten as he has been mentioned, to the socialist ideology of Chavez and tensions between the Venezuelan and the United States Government have had little impact on economic relations between the two countries. In 2006, the United States remained the largest trading partner of Venezuela, for the two both oil exports and general imports the bilateral trades were extended by 36% during that year about this, HASDRUBAL Farfan, says, that trade between the United States and Venezuela reached 70. 000 billion dollars in 2008, 40% of which correspond to oil sales, according to preliminary figures of the Venezuelan American Chamber of Commerce and industry (Venamcham). The figure represents a historical record and shows that the diplomatic turbulence between the two countries did not affect trade. In bilateral relations, we need to separate politics from economics. Diplomatic relations are a matter of Governments, but normally the policy has no incidence on the business side. The main impetus of this bilateral trade balance was the high price of oil registered in mid-year. Venezuela sells daily to the United States more than 1.1 million barrels. 2009 Will be a difficult year, as the barrel of Venezuelan oil is around $30 and the budget was calculated a price of 60 dollars, which will cause sooner or later some holes big in the State coffers.

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