this is a situation that occurred when the hospital renovated its facilities from the floor to the ceiling. However, with attention to the equitable and lacking in information provided to the insured. I started well with a position available for my vehicle, just going through the hallways on the first floor in the direction where they are medical history, as I left the roof, floor and walls as the best of hotels. I arrive at the ticket office where they make the stories, waiting in line for about 15 minutes, with a first scolding of that had lost my card medical history, obtained the book with my number, move to the next box office, making queue for another 15 minutes, this is where the stories finally come to the pool of doctors who call library, where I waited another reprimand, a nurse, because as my rest, was an endocrinologist, I could validate only an internist, they did not have, that I should go to the ward on the ground floor, so I proceeded to go to the site. Passing the laboratory, after an internal courtyard was the ward, the nurse who was employed after 15 minutes I attended, but not before scolding me that the rest had expired (not referred to, as in the case of CVG is a mere formality), assigned me to another note with the name of the internist to take him to file, certainly in the medical room, I saw a few, but most throwing jokes and conversation. .

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