Although only watches has been building since 1983 and putting those watches available to the public since 1992, the watchmaker Swiss Franck Muller has been known as an exciting, innovative and skilled artisan. His fondness for include unusual designs and complicated in their large clocks, mechanisms has done it a favorite among collectors although it has only been in the business for a short time. Part of the success of Franck Muller comes your society with Vartan Sirmakes. He had a long history of working with jewelry in general and creation of boxes for watches that were his specialty. His feeling for the way in which should shine box of a clock in terms of size, shape, color and texture contrasted perfectly with the technical magic of Muller. Watches that have resulted are truly revolutionary. The company has a great influence in the watch industry in general.

In 1992, Franck Muller created a wrist watch that had a large and a petite sonnerie (large and small ring). He was one of the clocks technically more job seekers who never have been made. The clock also included a Repeater for the hours, quarters and minutes. As if that were not enough, the watch also had several calendar functions. Among these was a perpetual calendar which was able to say exactly the date until the year 2100 and which included monthly retrograde function.

Other indicators in this extremely technical Watch were able to accommodate leap years cycle and an indicator of 24 hours of the phases of the moon. The clock could also record the internal temperature of the mechanism. There was no doubt that there was no disagreement when Muller was proclaimed the master of complications. The Franck Muller company has expanded to group Franck Muller, who now has the property of or a majority stake in thirteen companies. These icluyen eight separate brands of watches.

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