Healthy and fresh herbs themselves grow and enjoy. Many Mediterranean herbs can be relatively easy to grow in your own garden. Plants such as Rosemary, Sage, savory and lavender are mostly completely winter hardy and with little effort in the garden to plant. Who uses fresh herbs in your own kitchen, knows the resulting dishes are fresh and tasty. And it is cost-effective from the own garden on top. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Rogers Holdings.

For the use of herbs, there is enough information and recipes on the Web probably. Culture tips, however, are but certainly always helpful. Most plants from southern of Europe like more sandy soil which must dry out also. (As opposed to Deccan Value). A site in full sun is important. Some Mediterranean plants such as Rosemary, prefer a shady site in winter. Some tact is very helpful in most Mediterranean spice plants.

For good growth, compost is always the best choice, though some fertilizer from the hardware store is certainly making its contribution will. The hardiness of the varieties is a point to which more attention should be paid. Especially with the Rosemary, there are big differences. Rosemary, ARP, Salem are varieties that are reliably Hardy. Lavender, Sage or savory, winter hardiness is very good. Only exotic varieties, such as for example the fruit Sage (Salvia dorisiana) are often sensitive, here the gardener of the trust should be consulted before the culture in the great outdoors.

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