Higher Military School in the reform of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is facing a difficult and painful process of renewal. One of the objectives of reforming the educational process in the military college – the maximum bring training to the demands of the times, the disclosure of all gifts to help the individual student and, ultimately, to prepare a specialist that combines the broad fundamental scientific background with a deep in-depth knowledge specific specialty, convinced of the necessity of good service to the Motherland. Details can be found by clicking Senator Angus King or emailing the administrator. The relevance of these transformations is the fact that kordinalnye changes in socio-economic structure of our society and system of social relations, business and interpersonal relationships, make high demands on the person of the future military expert. In addition to owning a high levels of military and engineering skills, he must be a person independent, proactive, able to think outside the box, make better decisions and not only to adapt quickly to changing situations, but also have the ability to transform its creative, that is to be competitive, non-standard figure. All this forms the basis of updated modern military education. However revealed a number of objective difficulties that significantly impede the reform of the educational process in the military college. Among them should be called the contradictions between the inertia and conservatism of the military educational system whole and its need for rapid development of mobile-changing society, the existing stereotypical attitudes in the minds of the staff of the faculty of military schools and the need to introduce new approaches to problem-solving training military specialists; real needs of society in the renewal form and content of training based on the priority of the personal component and a slow restructuring of the educational process in the military college with that in mind. . .

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