On Friday, April 29, 2011, the Gallery high + partner in the wallpaper factory opened the exhibition ‘Developments I’ with works by Susann Hoch und Harald Alff. On Friday, April 29, 2011, the Gallery high + partner in the wallpaper factory developments I inaugurated the exhibition”with works by Susann Hoch und Harald Alff. Both artists are among the founding members of the gallery. The exhibition takes place in the frame of the project high pressure in Leipzig 2011 “instead and the developments of both artists represents specifically the technique of woodcut or high pressure. In a temporal span is captured from 1989 to today, where differences and similarities become apparent. Was curated the exhibition by Sabine Schemmrich (Museum Schloss Burgk) in cooperation with high + partner. Susann Hoch studied at the College for graphic and book art free graphics and illustration at Prof.

Rolf Kuhrt, where she completed her master student. Her graphic works are in the double sense between worlds”. Starting from the drawing she combines sometimes several techniques in photographic experiments form the background of their graphics in the most recent works. But also the immediate work on the wood and mesh drawing and cut the printing stock is to the actual image, is typical of some of her works. In terms of content the images of Susann Hoch circle day dreams, shadows and reflections”. In the first high pressure graphics by Harald Alff characters and writing structures dominate. He studied also at the HGB Leipzig, book art and master student of Prof. Hildegard Korger and Prof.

Karl-Georg Hirsch. The characters sort of evolved comic-like imagery, before Harald Alff increasingly turned to the representation of urban space. First, there were commercial buildings and technoid-looking car parks, which he puts into the woodcut in a different now. Current works show Leipzig road trains and at first glance unspectacular views. Harald Alff examines the places on the spot with the camera and begins with a line drawing on the computer. In the printing process developed in up to ten Layers of urban space. Each of the two artists working in a distinctive way. Experimenting with colors and shapes, the confrontation with the drawing and working in serial serials make visible the appeal of printmaking. Both artists brought together by the common fascination with the high pressure. 30.04 23.07.2011 opening: downriver at 19: 00 hours: MI FR 14 18 h SA 11 17 and arranged special opening hours to the tour Saturday, 30.0.4.

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