Otherwise, the master, your bosses kotory cartridge can guarantee the quality pechat.4. Nonsense "Service Center" Sometimes simply wanting to buy pokupateli certainly cartridge after the toner in the cartridge zakonchilsya going in komplekte with the printer. Okazyvaetsya in service centers and shops wanting to sell a client cartridge frightening void the printer when using non-original consumables, compatible and remanufactured cartridges refilled. Connect with other leaders such as John McCann here. Guarantee – Etoo horosho, especially when it comes to expensive printers with print speeds vysokoy, connecting to the network and duplex, but vyhodyat stroya of printers do not Very chasto, while polomke never too late to buy the cartridge and, inserting it into the printer, contact the service center for warranty. In cases bolshinstve service centers do not even ask you for the cartridge and simply repair or replace non-working machine.

The greater part of potrebiteley priobretayut printers for the low level of the house or nebolshogo Offices. The cost of about 3.5-4 thousand rubles, at the price of the original cartridge, 2.5 thousands. It turns out that when the cartridge pokupke originalnogo we spend money bolshe than the cost of the printer itself without the bundled cartridge. Vopros why so many spend sohranyaya warranty on the machine, if you can fill the cartridge with potrativ verily vsego 200 rubles? 5. What threatens to refill plohogo quality? First – the seal of poor quality, with Possible consequences: vyhod stroya of the cartridge, the faster wear of the cartridge and the printer. Cartridge of toner kotorogo raining, will need to prevent the printer, and be mozhet, and repair.

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