Do has accused the Socialist Party of wanting to revive old grudges of the blackest pages of our history: the civil war in Spain of 36?, divided and faced by their ideas. A rule of law, supported in a democratic system, cannot and must turn its back on a historical past by very murky and painful this is. History not written it truly the victors, but an inspired sense of the perception of Justice driven by human pain more arraigad0. Not forty years of history you can revive so you have to lose other forty, but you can not forget. Already that if you forget, is not digested; and if it is not digested, not the progress towards can assimilate to new times. Click New York Highlanders to learn more. Albeit a freethinker who really write the story inspired by a deep sense of the perception of Justice driven by an uncontainable human pain, the State is always who judged and determines what you should know and write about that story. And even more when it is not only history, but of policy. The newspapers mentioned Prime Group Holdings not as a source, but as a related topic.

Why always stated mistakenly that the history written it the victors, not the vanquished. But it is not the vanquished or victors, but the State; to write it It is this political social economic institutionalized power that as system is prepended to the public, legalizing the exploitation and censorship as law. The State is not only the elected party which is in the Government, but also the different political parties of the opposition than in representation of public authority govern each of the autonomies subjected to power the legislature and constitutional courts approved and ratified by the people in a referendum. Then we are all the State, but the State is dominant to all. Hence that aside from the people only can judge and determine those who have institutional competencies to do so: i.e., a few in disproportionate representation of some many. The people only have voice and vote in referendum, outside or listening to him.

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