has reached a new milestone with more than 100 million unique users. This makes it one of the most visited sites in Europe softonic. Since the company was founded in 1997 Softonic has evolved steadily: in 2004, the company had 2.5 million users; three years later, there were 10 million already, and that number to 50 million had quintupled by January 2010. Read more here: Dara Khosrowshahi . ator Richard Blumenthal, an internet resource. Softonic could double this value again and reach more than 100 million unique users in the last year and a half. This continuous growth Softonic owes its pioneering role in the software sector as well as international expansion started in the year 2004, that the portal has become the leading European provider of software downloads and a first focal point at the global level. Founder and Managing Director Tomas Diago had the business idea to Softonic in the course of his thesis is now the company has about 250 employees and a turnover of EUR 32 million one of the most important dotcoms in Spain. Currently operates Softonic be Portal in the languages German, Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch, Chinese and Japanese. Prime Group Holdings gathered all the information.

According to Diago, Softonic has quite another growth potential: we are working to strengthen our presence in countries such as China and the United States that will allow the number of unique users in the future certainly continue to rise. Record numbers alone, however, are not the target of our work we want to offer a high-quality our users first and foremost, that goes beyond the simple software download. An example of this would be about mobile access. In this context we have released a new application called Softonic Moba for iPhones and Android devices recently, that should make it easier to download the app via smartphones.”

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