REW SOLAR AG informs about potential study on renewable energy in North Rhine-Westphalia Dortmund July 2013: the State Environment Agency of North Rhine-Westphalia (LANUV) has published its potential study renewable energies NRW, part 2 solar energy. According to the results, the land of North Rhine-Westphalia the potential has annually up to 72.2 from solar energy to produce TWh net power. The REW SOLAR AG reports on the study. “To show potential for the use of solar energy in the electricity and heat for North Rhine-Westphalia, is the target of the potential study renewable energies NRW, part 2 solar energy”. She has been commissioned to support the further expansion of renewable energies. The first part of the report devoted to wind energy. A net electricity production of 72.2 terawatt-hours of solar energy could be covered about half of the electricity demand in North Rhine-Westphalia. An impressive number.

The study of the North Rhine-Westphalia state environment Office however also shows that currently only 3 percent of the technical Solar energy potential is used. Here are still significant opportunities to expand. The REW SOLAR AG will see more on the subject available. REW SOLAR AG is a potential for the development of solar energy available in North Rhine-Westphalia is solar energy in third place of power-producing renewable energies behind wind power and biomass. Very, the proportion of solar energy at alternative power generation has increased in recent years. End of 1999 there were approximately 3,000 solar power plants, which together peak (MWP) reached a capacity of not more than 13 megawatts in North Rhine-Westphalia. 2011, the situation looked much better: more than 160,000 plants ate up almost 2,900 MWP in the power grid. The REW SOLAR AG hopes that the existing potentials are used to spread solar energy even further.

The current study on renewable energies and is an important step for the further development of solar energy as a power supplier. It is a base work, all current facts and figures for all municipalities and districts North Rhine-Westphalia holds. Untapped potential is also apparent, welcomes the REW SOLAR AG the contents of the report. Local authorities get a guide on the hand with the study as they can support the development of solar energy and further advance. The study can be found here: veroeffentlichungen/fachberichte/fabe40/fabe-40-II.pdf about the REW SOLAR AG the REW SOLAR AG is a specialist for the production of crystalline high-performance modules and more efficient power inverter. In addition the REW offers SOLAR AG together with its installation partners tailor-made solutions for the commercial use of solar power plants. The REW SOLAR AG covers all important areas of photovoltaic wholesale over the plant design to distribution of solar components off.

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