In any environment where East present resource human, situations that cause stress will be presented. Organizations, public or private, for-profit or without, ancient or modern, large or small, etc. They are especially related to stress environments. Much stress is due to that in these places there is a constant conflict between the desired results and the resources available to achieve those results, call time, effort, money, etc. In commercial organizations, for example, there is great pressure on employees, managers, and owners to make better use of resources in order to achieve best results, make better decisions, faster innovations, etc. For human nature, this is not comforting, and people react with a variety of symptoms arising from the high degree of stress you can reach. The business community tends to react in a symptomatic way daily to be more productive, more effective pressure and the need for permanent change and innovate to adapt more to the environment.

For this reason, official and private institutions and the more advanced companies have begun to study this phenomenon, and there is unanimity in the sense that we have to achieve more collaborative and participatory forms of labour in which the process of analysis of the reality of business jointly discuss with normally external specialists (e.g. professionals Coaching company, psychologists, etc)decision making, improving processes, involving all the decision-makers of decisions and execution to improve their level of control over their environment, reduce stress, work better and more effectively. But it is not only a relational or human task. External professionals should also have deep business knowledge, to understand and guide the actual commercial and financial processes. The typical example is if a factory is poorly organized and produced a great stress among its components, not worth just to listen and cater to workers: is also required to take the necessary decisions that improve the basic processes, and thereby release unproductive energy into the template.

A specific case of stress is the businessman who runs his own business. In addition to the same symptoms as the rest of the business community, also has two additional circumstances: can be culturally isolated from the rest of the template, and Moreover you cannot abandon his job and change jobs easily, since it would have to sell the company, and this makes that be forced to take it forward as it is, many times without sufficient preparation. In these cases often indicate the use of external business advisors, such as support for his work. Ways to handle stress can be of varied shapes, des of those related to communication within the organization until the prescription of drugs. But without a doubt one of the most inexpensive, effective and private is the use of acoustic audio to produce a stress-free State in the brain. This form is completely natural since it does not require the use of any kind of drugs. This acoustic technology is not only cheap but it works in just 8 minutes and without the need of special equipment or long hours of sitting.

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