Imagine you have one wish and 10 possibilities, you have only 1 chance out of ten get what you want. If you have a possible 100 and 95 desires, then you have 95 chances out of 100 get what you want. Then you are lucky Statistics! With this number of desires, wherever the winds of change are not blowing, anywhere you have a suitable target, you're just a little manevriruesh and go happily to her, without spending inordinate effort to achieve. And then hard luck, and luck to them! One way or otherwise, keep the movement! Give yourself the wind. "It's always lucky – the main thing. And as much pulling – you've got there goal there, and you still have to go there. Another very interesting concept, "chips".

Chips and a golden key to the hearth in the Pope's closet Carlo, it is possible and that you have. Remember the famous toast "To our desire to burst out of envy to our capabilities? "You learned to catch the wind in ways that many never dreamed of. You know how to ride flow. You can easily otyschesh path in the woods, where for all – an impassable thicket. You know how to navigate the developments in information, people, you have the skill, knowledge, experience, sense of smell. You're in the topic. In short, you you cut a chip! "Opportunity or 'chips' that provide advanced technology is becoming much more – we just do not have time to create as many desires to use them all.

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