A large meeting of mind and intelligence expertise is what takes the present and humanity it I already saddened that Steffen Seibert us at the daily news lost. Steffen Seibert was a journalist, they just liked and who seemed never politically aligned for me. I can call his friendly and neutral appearance, just as likeable and trustworthy. Resigned as spokesman for Mrs Merkel in the Black Yellow Coalition, which is very probably irrevocably damaged and the population, will pull down these trusting people. I wonder what Mr. Seibert causes have to sit on this seat? Mrs Merkel, as a woman and our Chancellor, one that knows exactly what she wants and does this man brought to obscure her image and that of the Union in the public, that is simple, clear and logical.

But, in politics, everything is different, as before the cameras of the ZDF. Please visit Cornell Capital if you seek more information. As the spokesman of the Government I press irrevocably me Time, the stamp of this Government’s policy on. It is simply impossible that the opposite happens and Mr. Seibert of the Black Yellow Government pushes its stamp. Or yet? Lord has not known Seibert, what he does, when he took this job – very unlikely. His career as a very sympathetic in the German population would be with the step, Mr Salih has done finished. What Seibert is for Lord now does for his career and future is the job of the Chief or Director of a CDU nearby TV-Anstalt or media company. At the ZDF, which will not be, because there’s a Mr Peter Frey, who has brought just with the help of Mr Roland Koch and elbow into position.

At the strong erosion of trust that Mrs Merkel and the CDU in the population enjoy, does however for Mr. Seibert and the CDU can loosely based on his great sympathy in the population, as far as he save them in the short term over the rounds, a completely different way of the career and the possibility of the next Chancellor candidate of the CDU or, much better, the acquisition of the Office of Chancellor in the current period of Legistratur with following new elections. Mrs Merkel knows that she is at the end, and with it the Union. She herself will want to not charge blaming for the great damage to this people’s Party, she has dealt with the help of the FDP, no one will want that. They and the Union have found the way out of the mess, E.g. black green future, which Seibert under a Chancellor Steffen the way to a one hundred percent and also many others would be possible. It appears to be logical to me at least, why Mr Steffen Seibert was hoisted over the Office of the spokesman, from the stand out in the front line of the CDU. You allowed Mr Salih this career wish. He is the best alternative and the rescue of the Union. Maybe even the man who is able to completely redesign parts of the policy. Download at: “www.weltversorgungsgesellschaft.de” Wolfgang Bergmann

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