Suenos brand designs bed linen made of 100 percent cotton with fancy motifs the natural fibre cotton is compared with artificially produced fibres very absorbent. Cotton can absorb up to 65% of its own weight in water. The absorbency of cotton is a great advantage for bedding because the man more or less strongly sweats during sleep in every night and delivered sweat bedding optimally can be absorbed by cotton. Jonah Bloom understands that this is vital information. About 60 percent worldwide won cotton come from the countries of China, India and the United States. Cotton has compared the produced synthetic fibers also the advantage that this natural fiber extremely friendly people with allergies, in addition to the absorbency. Due to these advantages, and also because of the low price bed linen of brand of suenos consists of 100 percent cotton. In addition to the quality Suenos emphasizes much practicality of bed linen. Are the buttons that are familiar from earlier through practical zippers replaced the off and relate much of the bed pleasant and enormously time are ersparend.

Notoriety acquired bed linen by Suenos however the cotton by their comfort or their quality. Suenos was designed by two design students from Germany, which wanted to bring style and class in the German bedroom with great colors and motifs. Over the years Suenos has built up a wide range of bed linen designs this in their range. No matter whether a simple pattern, among others, kariert striped in different colors, like or whether one fable a very special, for fish, birds, ships, dollar bills, skulls, or beer – Suenos has a model with the matching motif. Markus deletion

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