Free energy from the roof as opposed to the local energy provider sends the Sun at the end of the month no account: it provides their energy all year round-free House and that absolutely free of charge. There, it is clear that the own small solar plant on the roof is always popular. The advantages are obvious: eco-electricity is subsidized by the State, solar thermal covers almost the entire energy demand in the household. “The acquisition of benefits according to the experts of, the leading online portal around the topic of roof, a solar system more than just financial: who uses the inexhaustible energy of the Sun, conserves fossil fuels, reducing CO2 emissions and helps to preserve our environment for future generations.” Sun one is made current as soon as you think about a solar system, prior to the decision: photovoltaic or solar thermal energy? Photovoltaics short PV means the direct conversion of solar energy into electricity. Solar modules, which in turn consist of several solar cells are the heart of any PV plant.

Meeting DC produced first rays of the Sun on the modules, is reached via cables to a power inverter and there converted to alternating current. Then the solar power is ready for use and can be fed into the grid for a currently still relatively high remuneration, which is paid by the State per kilowatt hour. Heat for water and heating the second technique is the solar thermal energy: such a system consists of panels, which are filled with liquid medium. Heated by the Sun, they transported the gained heat to storage boilers, all year round providing hot water for showers, cooking or washing. There is a surplus, the water can be used for heating. So, the plant by April covers the demand of hot water and heating until September. The correct alignment and a balanced relationship between collector and boiler capacity are crucial for optimum utilization.

Also offers the use of unglazed collectors such as titanium zinc surface. This be positioned capillary tubes with solar liquid below the metallic roofing factory. Innovative heating systems can be implemented with this consists in combination with a heat pump or also a geothermal energy system. Solar systems should be possible without shading and towards the South. This applies also for PV modules. experts point out that every square meter newly installed collector area or the use of heat pumps State-is funding similar to such as solar power. Well combined clever home owners combine both techniques: while the State grants help in financing the equipment, own electricity and hot water generation pays for the cost of future spending on energy. Also evens out in this way the deficit, that caused by the PV system at night or in bad weather. For potential users have dispensed so far purely optical reasons on a solar system, there is also a good way: there are now roof-integrated systems, which are almost invisible to the outside and do not affect the overall appearance of the roof. For more information see. Contact: sturm@drang AG Nibelungen str.

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