IMPOSTMETRO and CORRUPTMETRO had been installed in public places of the city of So Paulo such measurers/placares that they intend to raise/to lead the Brazilian citizen against the tax burden and the corruption. The first one says to show the sum that the paid consuming citizen of taxes that it are ‘ ‘ lanados’ ‘ for the contributor, who acts then as tax collector. However, this placar it does not explain if it enters the value of prescriptions happened of ‘ ‘ Tax on Great Fortunas’ ‘. Then that the law, regulating our Bible, punishes the repassador of the tax burden therefore that the complementary law determines who is the contributor, that is, the payer. It is this what ‘ ‘ impostmetro’ ‘ it intends! Then the citizen ‘ ‘ you in this campanha’ ‘ , then become civic day.

As he says to show the sum collected in any rightnesss between corrupt. However, this placar he does not explain if he enters the value of happened prescriptions of the fiscal evasion practised (tax evasion, contraband and all prescription traffics, omission, fiscal resignation, litigious inspector, etc), of the ones of the abusive interests practised by ‘ ‘ mercado’ ‘ ,, etc, that finances the Political parties electoral and its campaigns. Then that the exclusive public financing of the Political party (that will pay to all its expenditures with wages of its elect ones, with its campaigns, also electoral,, etc), that is kept by the constitutionality, moves away, definitively, all this sistmica of private investment in the candidates and the Parties, that the corruption in Brazil generates and keeps clearly. It is this what ‘ ‘ corruptmetro’ ‘ it intends! Then the citizen ‘ ‘ you in this campanha’ ‘ , then become civic day. In truth, that first one placar, impostmetro, enters exactly is the tax of return of the private financing in the electoral campaigns and the Parties and that it must be added to the tax of return given for as placar, ‘ ‘ corruptmetro’ ‘ , because both intend to mensurar the return of the same financing, kept had countable criteria. However ‘ ‘ syndical enterprise trade associations///the candidates/the Political parties/the National Congress/its partner-financiers/the Administration Tax/the Supreme Federal Court/the Office of the attorney general of the Republic the Promotorias de Justia’ ‘ /the women the owner-of-house/the students/the catholics/the evanglicos//and the etc intend to finish definitively with this unconstitutional sistmica of private financing! It is this what the creators and fomentadores of ‘ ‘ impostmetro’ ‘ of ‘ ‘ corruptmetro’ ‘ they intend! Then the citizen ‘ ‘ you in this campanha’ ‘ , then become civic day, for the exclusive public financing of the Political party, as said our I Ching or our Bible. EVERARDO FIELDS 21-8560-2730.

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