The State of the Amap possesss a system of Units very significant deConservao with four units: APA of the River Curia, APA dFazendinha, Reserve of Sustainable Development of the River Iratapuru and ReservBiolgica of the Parazinho, under the administration of state and seven under federal ogerenciamento. The state ones need to be implemented, organized esubsidiadas, where, the inadequate use of our resources, associates institucional sdificuldades in the fiscalization and control of the rational use in todaa extension of the state, are excellent points for the implantation and implementaode one politics of decentralized ambient management, a time that, preocupaocom the environment and the valuation of natural resources e, consequently, its preservation and conservation is a collective duty of the society. Toni and Pacheco (2005) affirm that the decentralization of public politics is defended pordiversos theoreticians on the basis of arguments that go of the efficiency administrativaao deepening of democracy. In the case of the environment and the recursosnaturais, these arguments are very excellent, particularly in the Amaznia, where the central power is admittedly inefficient and where the use of recursosnaturais directly affects the lives of millions of people. By the way Ambient dEducao as one politics of decentralization of the ambient management, to apartir of the ProNEA (2005) is understood that the strategies of ambient daproblemtica confrontation, to occasion the desirable effect in the construction sustainable desociedades, involve a co-ordinated joint enter all ostipos of direct ambient intervention, including in this context the actions ambient emeducao. The central idea defended here is the urgency of umareformulao of the instituted model of ambient macro-management. Such reformulaoperpassa for the adoption of the decentralization of the mechanisms of management of meioambiente, where, the popular participation and the joint of a net gestoraque normatize access to the environmental resources is of basic importnciapara the save process of the ambient patrimony. With intention to dedescentralizar the management of the environmental resources, to create a micron-gestocomunitria and to spread out the Ambient Education in the Amap, the State Advice doMeio Environment, through the Resolution 007/2004-COEMA, decided to all approve aimplantao in the state of the Communitarian ambient Agent Project of the Estadodo Amap-PROJAACAP, endowing the Ambient Agents with being able stops: to evidence to eregistrar ambient infractions; to carry through ambient fiscalizations; apreenderapetrechos and/or instruments used in the practical one of the ambient infraction; to apprehend originary products of the illegal use of the fauna and the doestado flora.

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