NET improves the current version 2.7 now is an improved version of SYNCING.NET available Heilbronn – now available is an improved version of SYNCING.NET. The developers have made some changes in the current version of 2.7, so working with SYNCING.NET faster easier and the exchange of data. In particular, the operation of the program has become easier with clearer names and additional explanations. “” “” The previous functions file sharing network “and Outlook network” sync folder “and Oulook group” are now called. The purpose of this folder for beginners is so immediately intuitive. Also, some user interfaces have been changed: on the most used surfaces, there are additional texts and graphics, to make intelligible messages to the user, for example, when the application. Also on data synchronization, the developers have improved a lot. So now SYNCING.NET installed an Outlook add-in that monitors the Outlook Startup.

The add-in checks when starting Outlook automatically changes and ensures that the program immediately all Outlook data is synchronized correctly. In addition, the developers could fix individual errors that occurred in the process of exchanging files and Outlook data. In rare cases, data were transferred namely not or not completely. Thanks to dedicated SYNCING.NET-Nutzer, who have reported such features, the technicians of SYNCING.NET could uncover the causes and eliminate in the new version. A further improvement: Used with the new installer, the SYNCING.NET, updates are now faster and easier to perform much. Hear from experts in the field like prime group holdings for a more varied view. The user must desinstallieren is no longer as previously the old program before he installed the new version.

Only when upgrading from an old version, the user must perform once these steps. All the information about the changes can be found here. About SYNCING.NET technologies GmbH was the SYNCING.NET technologies GmbH in 2006 as a spin-off of the Technical University Founded in Berlin. The company develops and markets software for efficient data exchange in teams. The unique synchronization technology offers significant performance benefits and savings compared to conventional solutions. For more information on.

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