Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez are chosen to interpret a song in karaoke version. Young tried to warn end andalusia chemistry between them. Reunite later in the school East High School, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico where Troy is the captain of the basketball team and one of the guys more popular among students.
Troy and Gabriella are interested in joining the club decembrino musical theater school for which auditions are underway, but Sharpay Evans and her twin brother Ryan (drama club president and main actors interested in the musical) are Gabriella as a threat to their hearing stellar. When detected, it is an excellent student suggested McKessie Taylor (team leader Academic Decathlon) that invitations to join the team and seeking to avoid participating in the auditions for selection,
Despite the setbacks suffered in their respective camps Troy and Gabriella meet and manage to attend the first hearing for the music but want to register are not allowed on the grounds that “Theater is not expecting anyone.” Happens to be present then Troy and Gabriella fall was Kelsi Nielsen (composer of each of the songs) sheets with the scores of piano, and they helped raise. Kelsi this bothers with Sharpay and Ryan because it completely changed the pace and style of one of his compositions, so Troy asked to run one of the songs in their original version, which ended both vocalizing. Because of this improvisation, are approved to participate in the lead role in the musical which causes fury upon learning of Sharpay.
During the recess that day, all warn that the passion for singing and art have made him Troy plays its role of leading the basketball team and from there the other students begin to reveal their hidden talents and hobbies.
Somewhat annoyed, Chad Danforth (Troy’s friend) and Taylor try to return to normal, and for that Chad and the basketball team makes a sort of boycott against Troy and Gabriella but when the next day and Chad Taylor are realize that all we got was ruining the friendship of Troy and Gabriella will confess everything. Taylor failed to convince Gabriella but Chad gets to revive his friend to express support for any decision made. Sharpay and Ryan, noting that the decathlon championship basketball are scheduled on dates close to the musical, a plot plan. The brothers convinced the drama teacher, Ms. Darbus (also responsible for the musical decembrino) to change the date of the musical, so it matches the Academic Decathlon of Gabriella and Troy’s basketball game. Kelsi, who heard the whole plan of the Evans brothers, Troy and Gabriella alert and plan together as to disrupt.
Troy and Gabriella to reach the theater on time for school and starring in the musical becomes a display of his talent to all his companions. After the musical, the basketball team (led by Troy) continued his party, winning and getting the state championship sports. By way of conclusion, all interpreted with a song that ends the film.

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