Live hacking demo hijacked the Conference participants in the world of the eCrimes Frankfurt 23.01.2013 – on the basis of a Livehackings Martin Dombroski shows examples that represent current threat scenarios in the framework of the Frankfurt database. He explains why traditional security is no longer sufficient to ward off hackers. To do this he describes the approaches of malicious insider vs. n internet resource. compromised Insider. Finally Martin Dombrowski enters effective defensive measures for the protection of critical data.?Its aim is to sensitize the listener through this workshop to empower, to reconstruct the shown solutions and apply to your own business situation. In addition to Dombrowski speak numerous other luminaries of the scene in the database about trends and technology: the program includes about 60 sessions and lectures and focused on current and practical content from ORACLE, MS SQL Server, DB2 databases in SAP environments such as HANA, and open source databases,. High-profile speakers convey their expertise in training and lectures, many are available during the entire Conference for personal questions and open discussions. The majority of speakers of the Frankfurt data bank days are authors of books and articles in professional journals for many years.

All have application and have your practical knowledge of innovative projects of large enterprises. One of the keynotes is Prof. Dr. Stefan Edlich. He is Professor of software engineering and databases at the Beuth Hochschule fur Technik Berlin, author of 49 publications and 12 IT books for publishers like Apress, Elsevier, OReilly, Hanser, etc. Including 2010 the NoSQL world’s first book, which recently learned the next edition.

A further keynote comes from Patrick Heyde, technical evangelist at Microsoft. About hero Informatics: Hero Informatics supports the design and development, the implementation and the administration of mission-critical applications, equal, whether in the own data center or any cloud, on any platform and on any device. More information is available under.-based hero is computer science Frankfurt am Main, Managing Director is Andrea Held. More information at and + 49 (0) 69 48002798. About e/c/s since the mid-1990s, the e/c/s developed products and services related to the theme of education and simulations. This helps the constant monitoring of the market and the firms principle even in new ideas to invest, if still no concrete sales order exists, to a permanently innovative position. The e/c/s is proud to provide didactic and media-didactic know-how as well as the required technology, the programmers, and a qualified editing. We can competently advise clients long before the actual production and accompany during the whole process. Individually and specifically we determine when each project new, how a customer can be best put. The e/c/s systems & software solutions GmbH & co. For assistance, try visiting urban treatment associates. KG is located in Neuss, Managing Director Mrs Susanne Benning and Norbert Fritz.

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